Hitting groups will consist of various drill work to elevate each hitters’ ability to drive the ball with power. The drill work will incorporate numerous specific areas of the swing that are integral to the overall ability of the hitter to elevate pitchers. Each hitter will have distinct strengths and weaknesses that will be evaluated and appropriate drill work will be given to each hitters as they continue in the program. 


Pitching groups will focus almost entirely on speed enhancement in the early stages of development. Drills will incorporate various areas of the sequence that will enable each player to develop enhanced speed. Players will become more aware of their bodies in space and have developed a sound base the change up will be added. Based on each individual player, the rise ball/drop ball/curve ball will also be added to their arsenal to give them three pitches that they can effectively use in games. As the player develops, specific individual drill work will be developed as well as other pitches based on their individual skill set.

To sign up for any of the above opportunities contact us directly at either:

Shawn Hendrickson (859).684-6958 or shendrickson@transy.edu

Natalie Hernandez (626) 824-3108 or nhenandez@transy.edu

Transylvania University camps, clinics, & lessons are open to all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).